The most important technology trends that distinguish in 2020

Technology continues to accelerate, with each new year coming, and it is likely that we will see many, many enormous developments in various fields, including enormous developments in space trips and quantum computing. We will also see a noticeable increase in the spread of software in our daily lives.
It seems clear that everything around us in the modern era is constantly changing and improving, so it may be difficult to anticipate the trends and developments that we will witness soon, let us look at the trends of technology that are likely to achieve significant growth in innovation in the next year and decade.


Automation is a big technical term, often what is not clear in its exact meaning, and in the end it means technologies such as cloud computing, updated robots, big data, and automation is the main technological driver for business for most of the existing software companies, and automates banking and automation And automation in general reduces the human effort while increasing the possibility of profit.

When we look at the future of automation, we can see endless possibilities, and experts believe that automation, along with other advanced technologies that will make our lives better and easier and will be implemented more frequently than they are now.

Fifth generation

5G technology has been the focus of this year’s CES exhibition, and will become a pivotal factor in the growth of wireless technology, as well as a greater implementation rate in 2020, as manufacturers release more 5G phones and the world’s largest telecommunications companies continue to deploy this technology, which is in Its way to achieve its goals.

The application of 5G technology will increase the speeds of broadband and more reliable wireless and mobile networks all over the world, ultimately leading to a greater level of automation and technological spread in cities and remote areas, as will allow high data transmission speeds of up to 5 GB to apply Servicing cars without driver easily, because they will be able to get real-time data on the whole city.

Speed ​​will not only be limited to mobile phones with a 5G network, but it will make everything get faster than before. Besides the 5G network, Wi-Fi 6 will be developed and implemented as well, although the technologies are different, but both are working to improve communication protocols Significantly wireless, as WiFi 6 will be 3 times faster to download data speeds than existing WiFi 5, and the new network protocol will also allow the number of devices connected to a specific network to increase and provide a larger data range, and this protocol will increase the amount of data consumed through a network WiFi, better support this consumption .

With these expectations of the acceleration and development of wireless technology capabilities in the next decade, will the wires be needed anymore?

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence plays the biggest role in automation, and developments are sufficient justification to discuss it, as this technology has reached the top of the lists of trends in the world of technology for many years and is still continuing, and is likely to continue to occupy the best sites in the next decade.

Computers can recognize the world in the same way that humans do, which means that artificial intelligence, in addition to increasing computer capacity, will enable computers to carry out more complex human tasks with lightning speed, as recent research projects in the field of artificial intelligence provide the advantage of face recognition , Speaking through sound technologies and understanding them through messaging, reporting, and possibly in the next decade, we begin to see artificial intelligence that requires no human intervention to learn and grow more intelligently.

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