Samsung unveils its 'truth' of its foldable phone

Samsung has sparked a lot of controversy and confusion over a number conflict over its sales of the world’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.
The president of the South Korean giant, Young Suhn, announced late last year that his company had sold about a million Galaxy Fold devices, which is a good sales figure given the exorbitant phone price of $ 1980.
But Samsung later denied the sales, noting that Suhn may have given “confusing” data, according to the mashable website that specializes in technology news and reports.
The website pointed out that Koh Dongjin, president and CEO of Samsung’s information and communications technology division, announced a significantly different number to the Korean Yonhap News Agency.
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“I think we sold between 400,000 to 500,000 Galaxy Fold smartphones,” Koh said during a press conference in Las Vegas, Wednesday, which made Mashable also comment on the accuracy of the new number, because there is a huge difference of 100. A device between the two numbers. And those statements reduced sales from a million to less than half of that number.
Mashable believes that this low number of sales is still positive, given the circumstances in which Samsung went through and its delay in launching the phone several times, not to mention its exorbitant price of nearly two thousand dollars.
According to media reports, Samsung plans to launch a cheaper foldable phone in February, and it will also offer a better version of “Galaxy Fold” later this year.
It is expected that Samsung will find great competition with other companies that intend to launch foldable phones, especially by the Chinese company “Huawei”.

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