Internet Marketing Steps

Internet Marketing Steps: –

Research phase.
The stage of developing a business strategy
The stage of developing the content of the topic or commodity of your store
The stage of branding the product
E-marketing work stage
The stage of online advertising, which includes
 (Advertising by viewership ratio – advertising in search engines)
The stage of search engine marketing
The email marketing stage
Product, market and target group analysis stage.
The following we will explain the steps so that the reader can take full advantage of the topic and also to know that any study on this topic does not include these points. The e-marketing process is often unsuccessful and cannot achieve its basic goals.

First research stage

The research is the basic step for the start of any profitable project, whether it is traditional or on the web, and this step begins with identifying the goals of the site or product, what is the problem that the site or product solves and what service does it provide to customers or users? What is the goal of the site? … The answer to these questions is a cornerstone for the start of a successful journey for your business on the Internet.
Next comes the role of going deeper into the market research process and answering many questions … such as competition situation in general and customer audience specifications … Where will the site stand vis-à-vis competing websites? … Who are the consumer or user audience? What are their behaviors on the web? What sites do they visit, what are their ages, audience interests, places, and nationalities?
The process of developing a clear strategy ensures the achievement of the goals of your business by dividing the market into small pieces based on the results of the market research that we mentioned and then focusing on targeting promising or most likely market segments to use or buy your product.
It is very important to define your strategy from the beginning with clear goals and known ways to reach these goals, as walking without a predetermined path often ends with a lot of wasted effort without real progress, and of course you should be aware that your strategy includes some flexibility when applying it, the market It changes quickly, and you may need to adjust your lane slightly later.
First, start by showing your product features that distinguish it from the rest of the offered products, which ultimately push the site visitors to achieve the goals that USPs Unique Selling Point desires.
Think of new features that competitors do not have that can be added to your product and at the lowest costs (free delivery services, distinct packaging, new flavors, greater coverage of services as groups, etc.).
Think of ways to increase customer interaction with your product (example: x% discount on each referring friend). A successful e-marketing strategy is based on finding solutions that aim to increase the number of Conversions times or turn a visitor into a customer by showing unique points of sale to your USPs that you define.

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