Did you know a natural disaster south of the globe

And since it is the biggest fire in 2019, but it reached 2020, the raging fires that devour large areas in Australia reached space, which shows the great size of the disaster facing this country.
Satellite imagery and astronauts showed the fires coming to areas in the southeast of the country, and smoke billowing into the sky.
Among the photos published, one taken by a Japanese space institute of the Kochi University, showing Australia looked like a red flame ball.
In some other images, the smoke billowing in the Betman Bay area, south-eastern Australia, as if it was caused by a nuclear bomb or a huge volcano, showing the large size of these fires in the country
In the latest signs of the fire disaster, news agencies reported that the smoke of huge fires sweeping Australia arrived in Chile and Argentina, after crossing 12,000 kilometers over the Pacific Ocean.
More than 200 fires are raging in New South Wales and Victoria in southeast Australia, fueled by high temperatures and winds.
The death toll in the current fire season, which started in September, reached 23 people, including 12 with just one fire last week, in addition to 500,000 wild animals.
The fires have raged unprecedentedly in recent weeks
The fires burned an area twice that of the country of Belgium, or about 15 million acres, to destroy more than a thousand homes completely, and caused hundreds of others damage.
As the flames intensified in the days leading up to New Years Eve, thousands of people forced to flee sought refuge on the beaches, near New South Wales and Victoria.
Sunday’s low temperatures and milder winds allayed the fears of threatened communities, one day after thousands were forced to flee as flames reached the outskirts of Sydney’s outskirts.

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