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The e-marketing system. If the e-marketing field was not a practical field for years, I would feel confused when hearing this strange term. What is e-marketing a question that many Arab youth ask recently because of its spread, but perhaps a few of them realize that they are in one way or another representing a part of the marketing system Digital.

What is e-marketing is a question that has spread recently and want to know its answer, but after reading this article you will discover a great discovery ,,,, and it is that you are already part of this genius system, but the difference here is that you will transform from a simple recipient to an actor and beneficiary of the e-marketing system Perhaps you need to get to know the world of digital marketing because you are curious and want knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and perhaps because you are seeking to enter this field out of obtaining a modern business opportunity, and perhaps because you are a business owner and want to move your business to you a step forward by marketing it in effective and modern ways such as digital marketing methods.

In any case, let me explain to you that digital or digital marketing is a topic that really deserves attention and research because it has become in the modern era one of the most important tools for electronic marketing or marketing in general, and allow me from the distinctive Wb Bakeries website here I will give you a lot of information, details and sources that will not You can find it on another site.

First, you need to know what is Digital Marketing?
Marketing is as old as time, and it is an essential element for the success of any business regardless of its size and the field it belongs to. Marketing for decades has been confined to magazines, newspapers and TV channels, and these were the most developed and effective marketing channels until the Internet and modern technology appeared and everything changed, and an era began A new and new concept of marketing called Digital Marketing.
With digital marketing, many concepts about marketing and the relationship of the institution with the end user have been changed, through which the target customer can be reached in the right place and time, and even in the best case for purchasing decision.
Digital Marketing is: app

lying general principles in the science of marketing through the use of modern technology tools, especially the Internet, and it is also the tactics and strategies that are used to transform the virtual digital market into a tangible market.
Through it, the client can be reached in innovative and modern ways such as E-Mail, SMS text messages, mobile applications, instant messages, electronic billboards, social networking sites, search engines … etc.

Marketing through the Internet is the most important and largest farmer of digital marketing, but it still falls under digital marketing and is not synonymous with it. Digital marketing goes beyond the idea of ​​Internet marketing to include under its banner everything related to modern technology, for example marketing via SMS can be achieved whether the phone Online or not, it belongs to digital marketing.

Digital marketing refers not only to modern communications technology, but also to the technological devices used (such as smartphones, Internet-connected televisions), and to the digital platforms used (such as smart phone applications).

Digital marketing is concerned with commercial operations that are based on the concept of “E-CRM”, which is an abbreviation of the te

rm Electronic Customer Relationship Management, which means electronic customer relationship management, through studying the market, searching for new customers, serving existing and old customers, and giving the opportunity for customers to contribute to Development of products and services provided.
From here we understand that the new marketing theory adopted by digital marketing .. depends on modern digital technology to meet the needs of customers, achieve the goals of the institution, develop existing markets and open new markets, and thus achieve a huge increase in profits.

This is another definition of digital marketing: –
The definition of digital marketing Digital marketing is one of the types of marketing spread in the world, which means marketing using digital platforms via the Internet in promoting products and goods and introducing them, i.e. advertising campaign as a whole through the use of websites, instant messaging technologies, e-mail and text messages in product marketing With the provision of a cash payment service via the Internet, in addition to the ability to communicate with and inspire consumers, all customers need is to search for the company and its products via search engines on the Internet, then register on the company’s website, which It makes it easier for them to constantly receive the latest developments, offers and services via
Text messages
  Video messages
And email.

Here we must know the elements of marketing 1 – The effective marketing process includes a number of elements that can be mentioned as follows: [2] Market study: Through this study, the market is analyzed in a comprehensive way, looking at the needs of the market and consumers. Target market: the target group is defined precisely. Positioning: determines where ads will be placed, while developing an attractive brand. Knowing the competitors: It is necessary to know the competitors in the market, with knowledge of the target segment, and develop a way to make services and products. Here we have finished the field definition of electronic marketing or digital marketing to discuss in the upcoming issues about its importance, the means used, and its methods to enter the world of electronic marketing. Through websites specialized in electronic marketing Wb Bakeries.

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