The importance of e-commerce

E-commerce is a recent term that did not appear until recently. It is a system that works to explain the activities and commercial transactions that are dealt with through technology of transactions and means of communication and the Internet. And given its importance in the modern era because it is one of the basics of promoting products through the media. Although it is a modern tool, it has brought about a huge qualitative shift in the field of trade. It provided many benefits to humans at the level of individuals, institutions and the whole society, due to its speed in the spread
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The importance of this trade: –
1- Working to provide an opportunity for many individuals to work from their homes, do many projects, promote products without capital and benefit from the profits of these projects.
2 – I facilitated commercial transactions within a short period of time anytime and anywhere. Send goods easily and quickly, especially in the case of electronic products. The doors were opened to the work of housewives, those with special needs and retirees to work in this field from their homes, which made them an important role in the development process.
3 – I worked to give individuals a lot of experience and exchange experiences with others, enabling all individuals to complete all their commercial transactions within a very short period of time, during any time of the day and from anywhere on the surface of the earth.
Allow individuals to exchange opinions and experiences about services and products through online electronic communities.
Benefits for companies and commercial institutions: –
E-commerce enabled the market to expand into an international and global scale.
It reduced the costs of creating, processing, distributing, maintaining and retrieving electronic information.
E-commerce enabled companies to manufacture their products as desired by the buyer, which makes that company a priority among other companies.
E-commerce reduces the time lag between paying money and getting products and services.
Benefits of e-commerce to society: –
E-commerce allows the completion of work from home, and this reduces congestion, especially traffic congestion and pollution resulting from it. It is possible to find goods through e-commerce with low prices, which enabled low-income people to buy them. This trade enabled people living in third world countries to obtain products and goods that were not available in their countries.

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